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Kevin and Fred | Short Sales, Real Estate, and Life by Group 46:10

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  • one One – The Next Chapter
    First it was 5, then it was 3, now it is 1... Beginning this coming week, Kevin and I will shift to one regular video blog posting per week and the lucky...
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  • change-is-good Embrace Change That Promotes Growth
    I'm very excited about today's video... http://kevinandfred.com/change-that-promotes-growth/ I think this is a topic that applies to all industries and people in every walk of life. So often in our culture, we see...
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  • grow Looking to Grow?
    I'm very excited about the launch of KevinandFred.com! For those of you who have been following Kevin & I on Short Sale Power Hour over the last 2+ years, thank you so...
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