How Can I Win With You – Real Estate Buyers Questions

20100429-TrophyKevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver, Short Sale Specialists, go over how they do their buyers consultations and why doing the consultation in the car is not acceptable.

Also, how and why they don’t show every home that fits their clients criteria to their client.  I.E. Prequalify the seller.

So, what's the deal... Are you going to be in my area soon?

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  1. Jim says:

    Consultation = Less Showings = Time Saved = Money = Offer Written = Money = Smoother Closing = Money = Satisfied and Happy Client = Money = Client Referrals = Money = Consultations = well, you get the picture!

    Wow! Look at that….we can give our clients our best, they are happy, we save families from foreclosure, they are happy, we help more people and the cycle continues! That’s why we do this!

    LOVE how you put it…it is the HIGHEST level of our Fiduciary duties to our clients! WE OWE THEM THE CONSULTATION!

    It always results in a Win-Win scenario!

    Thanks guys!

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